Image Collection

The Hivemapper Network is designed to protect people's privacy while collecting imagery to build and update a global map. Your personal information and location data are not the product being monetized. The Hivemapper Network is building a private mapping network that offers contributors anonymity.

What Is Collected?

The Hivemapper Dashcam is an open-source product that collects information in a privacy-centric manner. The primary pieces of data it collects includes:


Street-level imagery in 2K and 4K resolution


Accurately positions map imagery and features

IMU Data

Inertial Measurement Unit sensor that measures acceleration

How Imagery Data Is Used

We build Map APIs that businesses can consume.

Map Imagery API

Customers can access geolocated imagery with enhanced privacy.

Map Features API

Objects like speed limit signs, stop signs, traffic lights, and more.

Privacy by Design

Randomly Generated Usernames + Location Data + Imagery collected

Each Contributor’s username is randomly generated to ensure anonymity, and contributors’ location data and imagery collected is never publicly tied to a username or Hivemapper profile.

Privacy Blurring

Automatically blurs faces, license plates, cars, and bodies from the imagery on the edge - dashcam mapping device - prior to uploading imagery.

Edge Processing

The Hivemapper Dashcam automatically privacy blurs images and detects objects (e.g., speed limit signs) on the edge.

Privacy Zones

Personal and network level privacy zones where all data collection is automatically paused.

No Identifiable Info Collected from Contributors

When contributors collect imagery, faces, license plates, cars, and bodies are automatically blurred on their Hivemapper Dashcams, to ensure the imagery we receive does not include personal information of road users (bystanders). Unblurred imagery is never shared with the Hivemapper App and Hivemapper has no access to unblurred imagery.

No Personal Info Collected from Road Users (bystanders)

Each Contributor’s username is randomly generated to ensure anonymity, and contributors’ location data and imagery collected is never publicly tied to a username or Hivemapper profile.


In certain countries we require you to display a placard on your vehicle indicating that you are collecting for a map. See here for the countries and placards.

Open-Source Dashcam

People can inspect the code and see what data is being collected and how it’s being collected, see here.

Request Takedown

Hivemapper can assist with further blurring or deleting of imagery an individual considers sensitive or their personal information (e.g. a face, body, vehicle, license plate or home). If you would like to request this, please complete this form or send us a message to [email protected].

Active Imagery Collection

As of Q2 2024, imagery is being actively collected at these locations. You can also view map coverage here.

Hong KongIslands District
Hong KongKwai Tsing District
Hong KongNorth District
Hong KongSai Kung District
Hong KongSha Tin District
Hong KongTsuen Wan District
Hong KongTuen Mun District
Hong KongYuen Long District
Hong KongTai Po District
Hong KongKowloon City District
Hong KongKwun Tong District
Hong KongSham Shui District
Hong KongWong Tai Sin District
Hong KongYau Tsim Mong District
Hong KongCentral & Western District
Hong KongEastern District
Hong KongSouthern District
Hong KongWan Chai District
KuwaitKuwait City
KuwaitJileeb Al-Shiyukh
KuwaitAl Jahra
KuwaitNorth West Sulaibikhat
HondurasIslas de la Bahia
El SalvadorSan Francisco Gotera
El SalvadorSan Miguel
El SalvadorNeuva Guadalupe
El SalvadorEl Triunfo
El SalvadorVista Hermosa
El SalvadorSan Lorenzo
El SalvadorCaserío Los Jobos
El SalvadorSanto Domingo
El SalvadorIlobasco
El SalvadorLa Unión
El SalvadorSan Juan Talpa
El SalvadorSan Tomás
El SalvadorSan Marcos
El SalvadorSanta Tecla
El SalvadorColón
El SalvadorCiudad Arce
El SalvadorLas Aradas
El SalvadorEl Guineo
United StatesAlaska
AndorraSant Julià de Lòria
AndorraAndorra la Vella
AndorraLa Massana
AndorraLa Cortinada
United StatesHawaii
AndorraEl Tarter
Trinidad and TobagoPort of Spain
Trinidad and TobagoSan Juan
Trinidad and TobagoMaracas
BarbadosSix Cross Roads
AndorraEl Pas de la Casa
MonacoLa Condamine
MonacoLes Revoires
MonacoLa Colle
San MarinoCity of San Marino
San MarinoBorgo Maggiore
United StatesFlorida
Burkina FasoOuagadougou
Burkina FasoLoumbila
Burkina FasoZiniaré
Burkina FasoKomsilga
Burkina FasoLoumbila
TanzaniaDar es Salaam
CambodiaPhnom Penh
CambodiaTa Khmao
CambodiaAngk Snuol District
CambodiaChbar Mon
San MarinoFaetano
SingaporeJurong West
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