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HONEY is the cryptocurrency of the Hivemapper Network.
Built on top of Solana, HONEY rewards contributions to the mapping network. Building a map of the world is hard work, and HONEY rewards you for helping to create this valuable resource.

The new mapping economy

By rewarding contributors via crypto tokens, an incentive is provided to help solve problems with mapping today. Hivemapper dramatically reduces the cost to map on a global scale while promoting freshness and quality.

  • Maps represent a $300 billion market and are an
    essential part of the world’s digital infrastructure.

  • 3+ billion people and 6 million businesses
    use maps each month to navigate our world.

  • Maps are expensive to build and refresh,
    so one company monopolizes the mapping industry.

Quality. Coverage.

HONEY is designed to incentivize the creation of a global map by focusing on quality data, complete coverage, and fresh data.

Quality Data

Camera in Car

Complete Coverage

Map while driving

Fresh Data

Honey token image

Quality data

If you can’t see it, you can’t map it. The Hivemapper Dashcam is a great camera, just be
sure to mount it properly and everything else will take care of itself.

Camera in Car
Camera in Car

Complete coverage

The network rewards contributors for completely mapping a region.

Camera in Car
Camera in Car
Camera in Car

Potential tokens earned for fresh data mapped


Fresh data

Because Hivemapper is cost effective, it will see a location
~24x more frequently than Google StreetView.

Google Car


$500M = 1,000 cars mapping

Camera in Car


$500M = 1,000,000 cars mapping

HONEY tokens reward
contributors for:

Quality Imagery
Ensure dashcam is mounted with an unobstructed view
Unique Coverage
Drive novel routes to improve regional map progress
Fresh Data
Capture imagery showing the current reality of the world
Daytime Imagery
Map during the day when there is good lighting
Quality Assurance
Validate the quality of collected imagery
Did you know?
Contributors earn 90% of rewards minted.

Token Restrictions for
Employees and Investors

Tokens allocated to investors and employees of Hivemapper Inc. have restrictions released in tranches over pre-determined intervals after the Initial Token Distribution Date.

Token minting

There is a fixed supply of 10 billion HONEY tokens with 4 billion allocated to contributors of the Mapping Network.
Of the 4 billion tokens, some amount will be minted each week based on global map progress.

How map progress works

Global map progress is based on the map progress of each region in the Hivemapper Network.
In order to achieve maximum progress, regions must be dependably well covered and active.

More useful maps
= more HONEY

As the map becomes more useful, more services are built on top of the Hivemapper Network. As these services are consumed, more HONEY tokens are burned and redistributed to contributors.
The network generates substantial rewards for contributors, in perpetuity, because of this burn and mint system. The value of HONEY is tightly linked to the utility the Hivemapper Network provides.

Burn and Mint System
with a Net Emissions Model

graphic map by region

Map Credits

Map Credits are available today for those who want to consume Hivemapper’s map image data.

per map credit


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Map Image API

Direction API

Directions API

Future API

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Geocoder API

Future API

Order the dashcam and begin
mining HONEY crypto

HDS and HDCs