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Deploy a fleet on Hivemapper so drivers have the best of both worlds:
safety and incredibly fresh maps while you earn HONEY tokens.

Breaking down
the benefits

Harvest HONEY in a single wallet

Our token forwarding contracts allow you as the fleet operator to redirect and split tokens to any designated wallet, so the tokens earned by drivers in your fleet go where you choose, how you choose.

Honey Wallet

Keep your dashcam
investment secure

You can manage your dashcam's security settings and designate your dashcams to any particular username through the fleet management dashboard. This keeps your dashcams secure and your rewards protected.

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It pays to be protected

Data from the Hivemapper Dashcam S is stored for 30 hours, so you have a second-pair of eyes watching the road as your fleet drives. Drivers can exonerate themselves in case of an accident using the footage from the dashcam.

Car Secure

Open Source

We’ve open-sourced the Hivemapper Dashcam so you are never locked into a vendor. You can add and extend the dashcam and its software as you please.

Car Secure
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Fleet operators unlock
special benefits


Special pricing on
bulk orders

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Exclusive fleet
optimization tools


Access to an exclusive
fleets Discord server

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Vehicles that see the entire city are best

Route novelty is an important factor in earning rewards as a Hivemapper contributor. As a route becomes saturated, rewards on that route decrease, so it benefits operators to build fleets comprised of drivers who see many parts of a region throughout their day.

New Street Map

More people, more change, more rewards

Because maps are most valuable in areas with lots of growth and change, it's important to tailor your coverage to areas with large populations and high levels of economic activity instead of sparsely populated, rural places. In other words, rewards are where the people are.

Hexagonal Map Drawing

Spread your fleet across regions to diversify

Rather than deploying six hundred dashcams to one region, consider deploying two hundred dashcams in three regions. If you can avoid it, why put all your eggs in one basket?

Spread Fleet Across Regions

Don’t add these
vehicles to your fleet

To ensure the highest quality imagery, a Hivemapper dashcam must be mounted on a horizontally stable platform which requires a four-wheeled vehicle. Cars, pickup trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and SUVs are all supported.

Vehicles Unsupported


What's the benefit to ordering right now?

First to order, first to ship, first to start mining. Preference is given to those who order earlier and by design of the mapping network’s protocol, early contributors earn disproportionately more HONEY tokens than later contributors.

Will all my dashcams link to my wallet?

Earn, split, share. Token forwarding contracts enable you to redirect and split tokens from one wallet to various others. There are security implementations in place to lock dashcams to a specific username, ensuring the proper distribution of HONEY earnings.

What if regions become saturated?

Similar to the deployment of Helium hotspots, there will be diminishing returns as a city becomes saturated with Hivemapper contributors. HONEY will continued to be rewarded, in particular as map services are consumed in these areas.

Can I lock the dashcams?

A fleet operator may choose to lock their fleet of dashcams to their particular username or any other username. The Hivemapper app will allow a user to lock their dashcam with a password that is unknown to anybody else (including Hivemapper).

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