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Navigating the Road Ahead: Why Your Fleet Needs ‘Bee’ Hivemapper’s Newest Dashcam

Dashcams are no longer optional for your fleet. To stay competitive in the modern age, you need every edge to protect your drivers and improve your operation. 
Dashcams have become essential tools for modern fleets. They provide invaluable insights into driver behavior, assist with insurance claims, and serve as a deterrent to theft and vandalism. However, one common hurdle that fleet managers face is the high cost associated with acquiring and maintaining dashcam systems. Between the expensive hardware and/or the recurring monthly subscription fees, peace of mind comes with a hefty price tag.
Hivemapper stands out from traditional dashcam solutions by not only providing security and telematics features but also by turning your fleet vehicles into AI mapping machines. This innovative approach not only enhances safety and efficiency but also offers an opportunity for fleet operators to earn rewards for their contributions.
Bee Better.
With Hivemapper’s latest dashcam, Bee, you’ll unlock passive rewards for contributing to our decentralized map ecosystem. Our dashcams capture images, extract intelligence about the world and build useful map products for the $20 billion a year mapping industry.
Install Bee and get everything you need for your fleet including:
1. High-Quality Imagery: Hivemapper dashcams capture video with exceptional 4K resolution. This ensures that you have access to detailed visuals of your fleet's surroundings, allowing for better decision-making and analysis. 
2. Location Monitoring: With Hivemapper, you can track your vehicles in real time as they navigate through their routes. This feature provides fleet managers with invaluable insights into driver behavior, route optimization, and overall fleet performance. 
3. AI Event Detection: In the unfortunate event of an accident, Hivemapper's AI-powered event detection system immediately notifies fleet managers, enabling them to respond promptly and effectively. This can help mitigate potential risks and liabilities associated with accidents. 
4. Map Data Collection: Hivemapper dashcams collect data on your fleet's most frequented routes. This data can be used to identify potential road hazards, optimize routes, and improve overall operational efficiency. 
5. Automatic Roadwork Detection: Hivemapper dashcams automatically detect roadwork along your fleet's routes, allowing you to proactively adjust routes and minimize disruptions. This feature helps optimize delivery schedules and ensures timely arrivals. 
6. Destination Imagery: Hivemapper provides imagery of your fleet's destination, offering valuable insights into entry points, parking areas, and other relevant details. This ensures smoother operations and enhances overall customer satisfaction. 
Unlike other dashcams, Hivemapper's Bee Dashcam offers affordability with a flat rate cost of just $569 per unit ($469 for a Wifi-only version), including a 1-year warranty. Fleets with more than 10 vehicles may qualify for a bulk discount.
Drive and Earn Honey Rewards:
Hivemapper's Bee Dashcam rewards you as you drive, capturing imagery and offering rewards based on distance covered, map freshness, and imagery quality. Rewards are allocated weekly in Honey tokens, which can be sold on major exchanges like Coinbase.
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