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Introducing Hivemapper Fleet Management

Deploy Hivemapper Across Your Fleet

We’re excited to announce the Hivemapper Fleet Management platform. The platform will allow fleet managers to earn HONEY tokens while providing safety to their drivers. Fleet managers get access to bulk discounts on the Hivemapper Dashcam and Hivemapper Dashcam S.
Here’s why you should join the Hivemapper Fleet Management platform:
  1. Harvest HONEY in a single wallet. Our token forwarding contracts allow you as the fleet manager to redirect and split tokens to any designated wallet, so the tokens earned by drivers in your fleet go where you choose, how you choose.
  2. Keep your dashcam investment secure. You can manage your dashcam's security settings and designate your dashcams to any particular username through the fleet management dashboard. This keeps your dashcams secure and your rewards protected.
  3. It pays to be protected. Data from the Hivemapper Dashcam S is stored for 30 hours. In case of an accident, drivers can exonerate themselves using the video footage from the dashcam.

Tech Talk

Jinglun Ding
Jinglun Ding, Lead Software Engineer for Hivemapper Blockchain Technology, gave a talk at Helium House NYC on September 20 where he covered the technology roadmap for the Hivemapper Fleet Management platform and its features. 

Device Locking

The ODC-API is a high level network interface for interacting with the Hivemapper Dashcam and Hivemapper Dashcam S, and other future Hivemapper Network supported crypto miner dashcams. The ODC-API supports privacy-focused hardware-level access control so fleet managers can confidently configure who is able to earn HONEY from the devices they’ve provisioned.

Token Splitting

The Hivemapper Network supports Token Splitting, which allows the automatic provisioning of Solana wallets, fleet member accounts, and a permanent blockchain-level contract that splits HONEY rewards between fleet managers and their fleet members. This split is configurable and adjustable by the fleet manager from 0% to 100%.
Fleet manager earnings per fleet member are available for auditing.

Location Sharing

When fleet managers create their fleet members’ accounts, there is also a public record that states that some level of location data will be made available to fleet managers.  Combined with earnings data, this allows fleet managers to understand what their fleet is doing and how it impacts their earnings.
Location data is available to fleet managers anytime via a free API.
Fleet managers can request a time range for a fleet member and return a list of H3 L12-quantized positions and timestamps corresponding to that driver’s coverage.  Additional data around freshness, quality, and earnings is also provided.

Fleet Day SF

Fleet Day SF
The Hivemapper Fleet Day is a full day event that will introduce you to how the Hivemapper Network worksand how to effectively integrate your fleet with the Hivemapper Network. Building a global decentralized mapping network is a big challenge and we can't do it alone. That's why we're bringing together some of the brightest minds and innovative companies in the industry.
Meet our Co-Founders Ariel Seidman and Evan Moss. Learn how our hardware partners Hellbender and Luxonis designed the Hivemapper Dashcam for global scale. Get insights into how our ecosystem partner StreamingFast leverages Hivemapper for fleets.
Join us in person or virtually for a day of informative talks, Q&As, and networking at the Hivemapper HQ in downtown San Francisco. Come for a day of learning and stay for dinner on our rooftop terrace with views of the Bay Bridge.

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