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How Hivemapper APIs Support EU Speed Limit Compliance for Automakers

Hivemapper provides up-to-date speed limit data, aiding automakers in EU compliance while enhancing driver safety.

Staying on top of speed limit laws can be a big challenge for automobile manufacturers, especially in the European Union. Since 2022, the EU has required that all new car models include intelligent speed assistance technology, which alerts drivers when they exceed the local speed limit. But speed limit laws in the EU vary across member states. With open borders, vehicles need to automatically adjust their programmed speed limits when crossing between countries. The European Automotive Manufacturers Association has also expressed concerns about non-standardized speed signs across Europe and the lack of current speed limit information on many digital maps.
To implement speed assistance technology effectively, automakers rely on a combination of video cameras, satellite location data, road-sign recognition cameras, and comprehensive onboard speed limit databases for all EU countries. These systems detect when a driver exceeds the speed limit and restrict further acceleration. Automakers must continually update their speed limit data to account for changes to local statutes, which is logistically complex. Outdated information heightens the risk of unintentional speeding violations for drivers, with potential legal repercussions for both them and the automakers.
Hivemapper provides a dynamic solution. Our network of dashcams delivers fresh, standardized road imagery from which Map AI extracts critical road features and insights. Hivemapper’s Map Features API provides a detailed inventory of road objects, such as stop signs, speed limits, and traffic lights, while our Map Image API provides access to images captured during different times and conditions, enabling developers to assess signs and markings in various scenarios.
Using these tools, automakers can easily integrate up-to-date info about local speed limits into their systems. Visit our product page and contact sales to learn more. To get started, generate an API key.

Local Regulation Compliance

Adaptability to EU Standards: The EU’s diverse speed limit regulations demand systems that can adapt quickly. Hivemapper’s fresh data ensures compliance with local speed regulations across different EU member states, even when they change. This is vital, as speed limits can change due to road work, temporary safety measures, or regulatory changes.
Legal Compliance and Safety: Automakers can integrate Hivemapper data to help ensure their commitment to legal compliance and road safety — a significant factor in the EU market, where safety standards are highly valued.

Enriched Mapping Data

Upgraded Map Accuracy: Hivemapper’s detailed street-level imagery and AI-extracted features provide a more granular map database for speed assistance systems than conventional GPS-based maps that lack frequent updates. This approach more accurately represents speed limits, road conditions, and other attributes that impact driver safety.
Expansive Coverage: Hivemapper's crowdsourced image capture continuously expands the network’s geographic coverage. This allows speed assistance systems to scale more readily across Europe, minimizing gaps in speed limit and other road data.

Enhanced Driver Assistance

Predictive Assistance: Beyond compliance, speed assistance systems bolstered with Hivemapper data can better provide predictive speed adjustments in anticipation of local speed limit changes on the road, enhancing driver comfort and safety.
Improved Navigation and Route Planning: Automakers can also use Hivemapper to enhance their vehicles’ navigation and driver assistance capabilities. Systems could select optimal routes based on accurate speed limit information, improving efficiency and trip planning.

Empowering Intelligent Driving

Hivemapper enables automakers to keep their intelligent speed assistance systems updated, fulfilling their commitment to road safety while ensuring compliance across EU member states. Systems using Hivemapper’s Map Features API and Map Image API can adaptively access comprehensive speed limit and road sign data, providing drivers with accurate speed limit information while minimizing unintended violations.
Automakers can also integrate Hivemapper to validate and enhance the map databases that support their vehicles. With more accurate and up-to-date data, vehicle systems will better assist drivers in complying with local regulations, providing predictive driver assistance, optimizing routes, and elevating the overall driving experience. Hivemapper can help manufacturers redefine automotive standards with enhanced accuracy, setting new benchmarks in safety and efficiency. **

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