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Hivemapper vs. Google Maps: Which Map Is Fresher?

An outdated journey with Google Maps 

We've all used Apple or Google at least once in our lifetime. While we're using these services as individuals, companies use them too, and ––– it isn't free. Uber paid Google Maps $58 million over three years for map services. 
Mapping is monopolized and controlled by a minority of big tech companies. Google Maps owns more than 80% of the market and keeps raising the cost of its APIs. Due to the lack of competition, maps today don’t have updated coverage in many places around the world and some places are not on the map at all. Should one company own and control so much of this critical $300B market? 
As a ride-share and delivery company, Uber Eats needs precise maps to ensure they're not sending your food to your neighbor. Map data is valuable and should be as fresh, accurate, and accessible as possible.

An ever-updating journey with Hivemapper 

Hivemapper vs. Google Maps in Romania. 10 yrs apart.
Google Maps is so last decade, literally. 
The Google Street View imagery (on the left), pictured next to Hivemapper Street Imagery on the right, is outdated by ten years. Hivemapper contributors continue building a real-time view of our world, mapping places that have not been mapped or where Google Street View needs to be updated. See a live view of coverage and freshness on the Hivemapper Network here
Below are more examples of places that are outdated on Google Street View.

Freshness at Global Scale 

The Hivemapper Network rewards its contributors with its native crypto HONEY for the distance they map. 
“In my view, Waze was the last significant potential competitor to Google Maps. Google Maps realized that and acquired them, and effectively just put that thing on ice. And it's just dying a slow death and they don't care. Waze was really onto something and part of me wishes that they had never sold to Google because it dramatically killed Waze’s rapid innovation and hurt the competitive nature of maps,” said Ariel Seidman, Co-Founder & CEO of Hivmepper. 
“I think this is where crypto plays a very important role. All of those contributors that helped build Waze, ultimately when Google acquired them for something like $1.3 billion, they saw nothing. And a lot of people feel really burned by that.”
Together, we’re building a richer, more robust map faster and more detailed than any centralized mapping service ever could, which means representing underserved areas. As more map contributors join the Hivemapper Network, these underserved and hard- or yet-to-be-mapped regions will be a significant differentiator to the status quo.
Besides refreshing the map, Hivemapper contributors are putting new places on the map. Recently, we're seeing map coverage in places like Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya, as well as evolving levels of coverage in the Manilla Philippines. "Mapping with Hivemapper in Lagos is very different than London. For example, only about 40% of roads in Lagos have been paved," said Seidman. Hivemapper intends to accurately reflect the unique roads and places traditionally underrepresented on Google Maps.
Hivemapper Contributors in the Philippines
Now, imagine this freshness Hivemapper is producing but at a global scale. The opportunities are limitless. Since we launched the Hivemapper Network on November 3, 2023, the Hivemapper map has grown exponentially. Last month, Hivemapper eclipsed 1,000,000 KM of unique street-level imagery! Over three months, the Hivemapper community did what took Google Street View 5x longer to do. You can read more about it in this recent TechCrunch article.
We’re continuing to grow, nearing 2,000,000 KM to date. To follow the growth of the map, visit Hivemapper’s Network Explorer.
The GIFs below show growth in South Korea and Japan.
Our mission is to build the world's freshest decentralized map with transparent and aligned incentives at a fraction of the cost. Given how dynamic the world is –– how much streets, buildings, and borders change, Hivemapper is ever-updating. We have contributors worldwide constantly refreshing the map, producing higher-quality map coverage while benefiting directly from their contributions. We’re excited to see the map grow and refresh. __

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