Hivemapper Inc. Is Now Licensing Data for Paying Customers

Hivemapper delivers fresh, detailed map imagery from a global network of contributors.

As the Hivemapper Network’s first licensed developer, Hivemapper Inc. has a singular focus on building great map data products that customers want to buy.
Today, we are pleased to share that Hivemapper Inc. has begun to license data from the network on behalf of paying customers.
This is an exciting milestone, and it would not be possible without the thousands of contributors around the world who submitted map data and received HONEY rewards for their contributions. With more than 75 million road kilometers mapped to date, including more than 5.5 million unique road kilometers, the Hivemapper community is well on its way to revolutionizing how maps are made.
To license data for customers, Hivemapper Inc. will generate map credits based on the Hivemapper Foundation’s newly announced fee structure for imagery and map features. 
The Hivemapper Foundation also announced a new rule that HONEY burned to generate map credits for paid use of map data may not come from a preminted project treasury. This policy takes effect Nov. 1 and applies to Hivemapper Inc., which has historically burned HONEY from its treasury to generate map credits for unpaid uses. 
Hivemapper Inc. will comply with the rule, and will treat any operational rewards it receives for managing the Hivemapper Network as subject to the same restriction. Moving forward, we will regularly calculate how many map credits we have generated to serve paying customers, including prior to the effective date of the rule. To fulfill our requirements under the rule, we plan to transfer the fiat value of any map credits generated in this manner to the Hivemapper Foundation as soon as practicable after a customer has paid for map data. We plan to initiate this process in November and expect to transfer funds to the Hivemapper Foundation on an ongoing basis as payments are received for data usage.
We at Hivemapper Inc. are incredibly excited by the progress we’re making with map customers, and look forward to sharing more details in the future.
We will remain focused on developing great products ourselves, while supporting the Hivemapper Foundation’s mission of fostering a fair, diverse and innovative developer ecosystem around the world’s freshest map data. __

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