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Hivemapper Developer Ecosystem - Introducing BackTrac

Attention developers! Want to join the exciting new world of building cutting-edge tools with Hivemapper’s map data? Look no further than the Hivemapper Developer Ecosystem. We're offering map credits for developers who use our Image API to create cool and useful tools. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our community of talented developers. Ready to join? Simply shoot us an email at [email protected] and let's get building!
Meet BackTrac, the newest tool created by the Hivemapper Developer Ecosystem. It's a way to delve into some amazing street-level imagery that our Hivemapper Network has collected. If you're one of our contributors, you can use BackTrac to double-check the quality of your imagery. And if you're looking for map data, you can use BackTrac to evaluate the quality and freshness of the street-level imagery that our network is collecting.
Here you can see imagery of the Palace of Versailles, one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. About 15 million people visit this former royal residence built by King Louis XIV every year. It’s located in Versailles, about 19 kilometers (12 mi) west of Paris, France. The imagery you see was collected on April 4, 2023.
Here’s our Discord Q&A with Hani, one of the creators of BackTrac:  
What is BackTrac? 
BackTrac is an innovative app that allows users to explore and traverse community-driven street-level imagery from across the globe. It provides a unique and immersive way to navigate and discover new places, offering detailed and up-to-date imagery captured by the Hivemapper community.
Who created BackTrac? 
BackTrac was created by Hani and Olav; a team that has a proven track record of delivering tools and applications that increase engagement and provide actionable insights for various crypto projects.
Who is BackTrac for?
BackTrac is for anyone interested in exploring the world through street-level imagery, including but not limited to: travelers, urban planners, researchers, investigators, and businesses seeking detailed and fresh up-to-date imagery of various locations.
What motivated you to create BackTrac?
We believe there is great utility in the images and incidents captured by Hivemapper Dashcams. Creating an easy to use method for navigating and reviewing images and locations is an important first step into realizing the various paths forward.
Any future plans for BackTrac?
We plan to continuously improve and expand BackTrac's features and capabilities, incorporating user feedback, and enhancing the platform with advanced technologies such as AI and AR. We are excited for the prospect of including incidents (Buzz reports) to the map that would expand the general audiences that would find our application useful.

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