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Hivemapper 2021 Year in Review

Every year brings us closer to realizing our mission to scale a mapping network that rewards its contributors for their work and generates a groundbreaking global map that is more up-to-date, high quality, accurate, and cost-effective than any map API currently on the market.
Our contributors are central to our mission. We would like to express our gratitude to all our contributors for joining Hivemapper and mapping our world. For many of you, earning rewards is a big reason to map with Hivemapper. For most of you, it’s about creating a better map of our world in an equitable way. With every mile you drive, you contribute to a map of the world, the world has not seen before.
Since May, more than 3,200 new users joined Hivemapper and we’ve seen a 200% increase in new contributors every month. Collectively, our contributors mapped more than 590,800 km and collected more than 180,506,608 tiles since May. To give you a representation of the scale, 500,000 road km mapped is like traveling around the world 1,000 times. Over 42 million images were uploaded in November alone.
“I really love the rewards and earnings that I am getting with hive. I was able to buy most of the needs and wants of my family at the same time I can save money for the future of my children. This opportunity helps me a lot and of course with dedication, perseverance and hard work anything is possible. It was a great opportunity being part of the team which I am very thankful for the management’s trust and compliments that makes me more productive in contributing to the hive.” — Hivemapper contributor with username “audacious bisque bear”
Preview of 2022
Our team has been hard at work on some exciting things and we can’t wait to share more details soon. To realize our vision and achieve all our milestones, we recently closed a funding round and will be announcing it in January. Next year, we’ll be launching Hivemapper on the blockchain and releasing our own cryptocurrency, Honey (HONY). Learn more about Honey here. Additionally, we’ll be releasing the Hivemapper Open Dashcam. Read more about the Hivemapper Open Dashcam here.If you’d like to learn more about the Hivemapper blockchain, cryptocurrency Honey (HONY), and Open Dashcam, email us [email protected] with the subject line “Hivemapper Network Strategy” and we’ll send you more information.
About Hivemapper
The Hivemapper Network is building a blockchain-based decentralized global mapping network that collects fresher, high resolution, and relevant map data in a more cost-effective way. The commercial value of the Hivemapper map is shared with its contributors. Map contributors capture 4K street-level imagery, carry out quality assurance, and annotate imagery. Map consumers leverage the map API across industries and use cases. Hivemapper is revolutionizing the mapping economy.
We’re hiring! Are you a software developer and interested in joining a Web3 company? Check out open positions here.

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