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Hardware Update #4

We’re delighted to share that our continued and expanding global testing and hardware validation is allowing us to begin production manufacturing. Our approach to ramp up testing is giving us an increasing amount of confidence to begin the production process.
In our last hardware update, we shared that we’ll release a bigger batch of units for additional testing and we’ll observe device performance based on KPIs such as GNSS fidelity across different regions of the world, image quality, and other metrics.
Hivemapper Inventory 1
Hivemapper Inventory 1
“When you’re implementing a global testing and hardware validation strategy, you have to work through worldwide logistics like packaging, shipping, and customs,” said Ari Bruck, Head of Hardware Product at Hivemapper. “As we’re delivering these test units, we’re getting reports from our testers and making updates for a better mapping experience.”
Hivemapper Dashcam Unboxing
We’re streamlining the contributor on-boarding experience. Our iOS user experience is functional but needs improvement. We’re working to deliver a mobile app that’s intuitive and provides a positive user experience. On the Android side, we’ve made significant improvements over the past two weeks and are also on track to finalize the first version of the app.
Android + iOS Hivemaper app
Starting later this month, we’ll begin the process of shipping devices for the Hivemapper Testnet. We will start with a small quantity and slowly ramp up as we complete several quality checks.
During the testnet phase, we’ll ship a batch of Hivemapper Dashcams based on “first to pre-order, first to ship.” Everyone in the testnet phase will be able to map and QA globally but will only be able to earn test tokens.
Hivemapper Testnet Launch
This concludes our hardware update series. Moving forward, we’ll be updating you on the Hivemapper Testnet launch and its progress.

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