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Happy Hours, Tech Talks and Hackathons – Tech Culture Returns to San Francisco as Companies Like Hivemapper Scale Locally

Hivemapper Joins World’s Largest Web3 Co-creation Space House of Web3 
Hivemapper, a blockchain-based mapping project that uses AI and purpose-built dashcams to collect the world’s freshest map data, today announced it has joined House of Web3, the largest web3 co-creation space in the world. Located in the Presidio, San Francisco’s national park site, House of Web3 hosts interactive panels, workshops, and curated events for web3 pioneers. Through its annual membership, Hivemapper plans to expand its local reach and reaffirm its role in Bay Area blockchain. The House of Web3 is especially for those who contribute knowledge, education, and code to the community at large. 
A rapidly growing startup, Hivemapper has rooted itself in the heart of San Francisco. And despite the decentralized nature of the project, Hivemapper’s CEO Ariel Seidman sees tremendous value in sourcing local talent and building culture in and outside its office following the wake of post-covid remote work dominance.
"For decades, San Francisco has been a beacon for knowledge seekers, technologists, and industry disruptors aiming to make their mark on the world,” says Seidman. “COVID-19 devastated the startup culture across the bay, but I foresee a strong resurgence, especially for innovators looking to tap into the collective intelligence of like-minded builders."
The numbers support Seidman’s belief as droves of founders and investors return to the Bay driving a 22% bump in home sales this April. According to the WSJ, San Francisco’s office market is also seeing progress for the first time since the pandemic. Often attributed to a recent AI boom, of which Hivemapper also contributes, the city's growth is underpinned by a surging blockchain market. 
"The House of Web3 is a mecca for visionaries who are redefining the future of technology. By joining us, Hivemapper is not only contributing to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem but also reinforcing San Francisco's position as a global hub for tech innovation. We look forward to supporting their journey and witnessing the incredible impact they will make, " says Noelle Becker Moreno House of Web3 co-founder.
According to IRS reports, San Francisco boasts the highest rates of crypto adoption in the nation with as high as 13% adoption in areas near Hivemapper’s office in downtown San Francisco. The city is shared by major blockchain pioneers including Coinbase, Gemini, Solana, Oasis Labs, MakerDAO, The Graph and hundreds of others. These companies are showing renewed vigor as the cryptocurrency market nears an all-time-high $3 trillion market cap
Job boards are flush with new postings, and platforms like LinkedIn have documented more than 700 San Francisco job listings attributed to blockchain. 
As blockchain and AI technologies continue to drive the city's economic and cultural renaissance, Hivemapper stands at the forefront, contributing to a dynamic ecosystem that embraces decentralization and collective progress. The future looks promising for San Francisco as it reclaims its status as a leading incubator for groundbreaking technologies and visionary entrepreneurs.
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About Hivemapper
Hivemapper is building the world's freshest map using street-level imagery contributed by a community of everyday drivers, large fleets, and everyone in between. Drivers get HONEY rewards for contributing high-quality data using specialized mapping devices. Map AI extracts objects and intelligence from the imagery. Map data customers purchase credits to access APIs that deliver imagery and map features. 
About House of Web3
The House of Web3 is for web3 pioneers and those who contribute knowledge, education, and code to the community at large. Through the tools and platform of decentralization, the 'House of Web3' inspires and designs solutions for the challenges we collectively face. Through interactive panels, workshops, and curated events, this handpicked collective loves to teach and to learn. We bring together influential creators of web3 including the builders, researchers, inventors, and partners who are literally writing code of the future into the fabric of humanity.  Not quite a co-working space nor an office, we are a private space based on meritocracy, representing the highest values of decentralization. While we are not an office, by-invitation, you can build and create a web3 project alongside us.

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