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Get Rewarded for Road Reporting with the New Hivemapper App

The Hivemapper App’s Buzz feature now enables an entirely new way to contribute: real-time road alerts from your phone.

The world’s freshest map just got a big upgrade. We’re making the app’s “Buzz” feature a powerful tool for real-time road reports, opening up an entirely new way to contribute and (soon!) get HONEY rewards — with just a smartphone.
It’s now possible for anyone to contribute to the Hivemapper Network using the Hivemapper App. We’re starting with road construction and closures before including other useful categories. Roads are dynamic — construction zones pop up, lanes close without warning. Buzz gives the Hivemapper community a way to immediately flag these changes. To begin, download the latest version of the Hivemapper App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
This feature initiates Hivemapper’s third pillar, with various contributor types earning rewards by choosing from three distinct modes of engagement: Hivemapper Dashcams, AI Trainers, and the Hivemapper App. It reflects our dedication to scaling broad community engagement, allowing virtually anyone to participate in Hivemapper’s comprehensive platform for map data.

A Journey of Continuous Growth

Hivemapper has been steadily building a unique, decentralized mapping ecosystem. It started in 2022 with the introduction of the Hivemapper Dashcam for collecting map imagery and data while you drive. This foundational pillar has proved to be an indispensable tool for the network, mapping over 110 million total road kilometers and counting across more than 90 countries.
In 2023, we launched our second pillar for contributing and earning rewards: AI Trainers. This platform has democratized the process of map editing, transforming it into intuitive, game-like tasks that anyone can perform using any computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world. Thousands of contributors now actively validate the Map AI’s outputs, enhancing its ability to recognize and catalog crucial map elements like traffic lights, speed limits, and more.

Chapter Three

This year, we’re excited to open the Hivemapper App to direct contributions. Though smartphone cameras aren’t the best tools for capturing map data, smartphone apps are very useful for reporting real-time information on road construction and closures, as well as a number of other helpful categories.
Initially focusing on road construction and closures, contributors can now use the Hivemapper App’s Buzz feature to provide specific, actionable intelligence to our dashcam mappers. Think of it as a real-time alert system, guiding map contributors to locations in need of coverage.
Enhanced Mapping Accuracy: Use Buzz to provide the most current and precise information on road construction zones and closures. By keeping the map updated with essential data, you help ensure that our map data customers have access to the latest information.
New Contribution Opportunities: The Hivemapper App offers a new avenue for millions to engage with our mapping community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent or occasional driver or a pedestrian. Your contributions through the app can help boost the network.
We’re committed to preventing spam and ensuring the integrity of Buzz reports. Rewards will be activated soon; we’re presently developing systems to filter out invalid reports and reward credible contributors accordingly.
Expect to see new Buzz categories emerge over time, expanding the scope of your contributions and the Hivemapper map’s richness.

Be a part of this exciting new chapter in Hivemapper’s journey. Download the Hivemapper App today to start Buzzing roadwork and closures. Hivemapper continues to evolve, and with your contributions, the map grows ever more detailed and dynamic.**

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