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Get Real-Time Construction Alerts for Smarter Navigation and Logistics

Streamline route planning to avoid obstacles, minimize delays, and reduce costs by monitoring locations with Scout.

Construction zones around dense roadways are the bane of fleet managers and dispatchers everywhere. With projects constantly popping up and lanes closing with little notice, it becomes challenging to efficiently route your trucks and vehicles. Companies can waste time and fuel trying to navigate unexpectedly congested work areas.
Scout, Hivemapper’s dynamic location-monitoring tool, provides a solution. Scout is powered by a network of everyday drivers with dedicated dashcams collecting fresh street-level imagery, which is processed by our Map AI to extract road features and insights. The tool is coupled with our Map Image API, and comes with an open-source SDK that allows customization and can be hosted on the user’s own systems for seamless integration. Visit our product page and contact sales to learn more. To get started, generate an API key.
Scout is a smart way to mitigate the impact of construction on any logistics operation, providing immediate alerts whenever new projects or changes appear on your routes. Instead of relying on outdated map data, you get a feed of updated conditions from drivers who are already on the road. Optimize your routes with actionable insights.
With Scout, dispatchers can answer questions like:
  • Is road work happening along our routes this week?
  • Have the areas near our distribution center or delivery hubs been affected?
  • Is construction in a particular zone finished?
Equipped with fresh data, companies can make smarter routing decisions to avoid obstacles and minimize congestion. Here are some key ways that Scout can help:

Construction Detection

When Hivemapper contributors pick up new construction or road work at a location, Scout can send an alert, helping logistics teams stay on top of new projects and road changes as they unfold. Traditional mapping services often fail to reflect current road conditions, but our continuously updated data can provide the latest information on obstructed routes.

Cost Reduction

With Scout, companies can proactively adjust their routing to avoid construction zones. By avoiding these zones, companies also reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear while minimizing the deployment of additional resources to meet delivery commitments. It minimizes delays and reduces the risk of vehicles getting stuck in traffic, which can lead to missed delivery windows and unhappy customers.


As companies grow, the complexity of routing and logistics scales as well. Scout’s location monitoring is inherently scalable, providing the same level of detail and insight regardless of the size or numbers of the geographical areas that are covered.

The ability to adapt to changing road conditions with agility and foresight is invaluable. By integrating Scout into their logistics and routing systems, companies can deepen their operational intelligence to navigate more effectively and gain a competitive edge. Construction projects will keep coming. Scout gives logistics managers the foresight they need to steer clear of the cones. **

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