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Celebrating 1,000 Discord Members and Our Growing Hivemapper Community

To celebrate our growing Discord community, we decided to give away one free *Hivemapper Dashcam to our 1000th member. Discord-exclusive giveaways and contents are just a couple reasons to join our Discord community. Note: Hivemapper generates three-word usernames to protect the identity of contributors. *The Hivemapper Dashcam will be available for pre-orders soon. Follow us here to get notified when pre-orders go live.
Who’s the lucky 1000th Discord member?
Congratulations “Determined Chartreuse Cheese” for being our 1000th Discord member! Whether you’re a rideshare driver, a delivery driver, a GIS/map enthusiast, or a blockchain and crypto fan, you have a place in our Discord community.
Why join Hivemapper’s Discord community?
  1. Learn more about how Hivemapper works
  2. Connect with the Hivemapper team
  3. Get onboarding support
  4. Stay up to date on feature rollouts and updates, our upcoming Open Dashcam launch, and transition to the Hivemapper blockchain cryptocurrency
  5. Chat with our community about various Hivemapper topics
  6. Be ahead of the curve. We post some updates on Discord before anywhere else and share Discord-exclusive photos like photos of the Open Dashcam prototype
  7. Get access to Discord-exclusive like contests and giveaways
Join our Discord community
Ready to geek out about maps, dashcams, learn more about Hivemapper, and win cool prizes? Join our Discord community:
Hivemapper's Discord History “We started our Discord community in the summer of 2020. At the time, our contributors collected airborne videos with drones and our software turned them into 3D maps. It was a great forum for drone enthusiasts to ask questions, chat with support, and exchange tips and tricks. Over the past couple years, we phased out drones and now only support street-level imagery collected with Hivemapper-supported dashcams. As a result, our Discord has evolved into a vibrant community of dashcam users who want to build a decentralized map of our world”
Visualize how Drivers all over the World are Co-Creating a New Global Map
It’s awe-inspiring to visualize how our contributors are co-creating a new global map of our world that provides unprecedented coverage, freshness, and quality. In the Kuala Lumpur metro area alone, our contributors mapped 77,742 road km and attributed 25,044,539 tiles in a span of 8 months.
This GIF shows what mapping over 77,742 road km in the Kuala Lumpur metro from July 2021 to February 2022 looks like.
Hivemapper contributors mapped more than 375,339 road km in 7 of our markets between June and November 2021. We turned their work into beautiful animated maps. Take a look at the GIFs in this post.

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