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Your Hivemapper Dashcam will ship by March 8

We know you've been waiting on your Hivemapper Dashcam. We're excited to announce that we’ll fulfill all Hivemapper Dashcam pre-orders by March 8. To date, we've shipped dashcams to 60 countries worldwide and can now consistently produce and ship 500 units per week of the Hivemapper Dashcam with excellent quality and reliability.
Over the past few months, we’ve optimized the Hivemapper app image collection and upload process and resolved dashcam production issues. 

Hivemapper Dashcam production issues are behind us

We have successfully overcome many production challenges we previously faced. In our last production update, we openly shared that we needed to increase our production numbers. In response, we made some changes to the manufacturing process and hardware. We tested devices and received positive results. The results gave us the confidence to expand testing to 100 dashcams. Each dashcam was tested on the road for 15 minutes and satisfied quality criteria. We performed more tests, adopting any changes necessary to scale production.

Full speed ahead…

We've been scaling manufacturing more quickly than projected since December. In January, we started running a week ahead of schedule. As a result, the production rate accelerated, surpassing the pace we expected in late February, reassuring us that we'd meet or beat the timeline shared on January 5.

Hivemapper App updates

We’ve made several improvements to the Hivemapper app to help people better collect, transfer, and understand their contributions to the Hivemapper Network. We’ve improved the performance of the  Explorer, launched Fleets in beta mode, and implemented efficiencies, so dashcam imagery doesn’t take up as much space on mobile devices. We’ve restructured activity accounting (how we keep track of the data as it passes from the camera to the phone to the network), improved the flow of uploads for better performance, and squashed many bugs to improve contributor experiences with the app. 

Coming soon to the Hivemapper App

We’re excited to ship several product updates in the coming months. We plan to improve contributors' experiences and focus on stabilizing the connection between the Hivemapper Dashcam and mobile phones. We’ll launch Dashcam Image Preview, enabling users to view real-time imagery from the Hivemapper Dashcam. We'll make Fleets available to the public, and we’re buzzing about Buzz Reports. This feature will allow users to report unexpected and interesting things happening in the world with the press of a button. So, the Hivemapper Network can take these noteworthy moments and match them up with an accurate location and high-quality dashcam imagery. We'll also introduce improvements to the Network Explorer and support other wallets (besides Phantom).
In the meantime, the community has been innovating alongside us by pioneering product improvements to address the unique experiences and challenges they encounter on the road. You can learn more about the product improvements contributors have introduced here.  
We’ll continue to release weekly updates. To follow along, join our product updates channel on the Hivemapper Discord and follow our Twitter for product announcements.

Getting your Hivemapper Dashcam ASAP

We will fulfill all pre-orders for the original Hivemapper Dashcam by March 8.
If you ordered a Hivemapper Dashcam S but getting a dashcam sooner is more important than the model type, we encourage you to switch to a Hivemapper Dashcam model. If you do, you'll get a refund for the price difference, keep your place in line and receive your Hivemapper Dashcam in weeks. Unless you need 4K video saved locally, the Hivemapper Dashcam is a great device and is more cost-effective. The Hivemapper Dashcam and Hivemapper Dashcam S are perfect for mapping, and there is no difference in HONEY rewards.
You can learn more about the differences between the Hivemapper Dashcam and Hivemapper Dashcam S here. To change your order, email us at [email protected].

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