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The best places in the world to be Hivemapping right now

Part of the beauty of Hivemapper is that contributors anywhere in the world can get a dashcam and start earning HONEY rewards while mapping their neighborhood. 
But where is the best place in the world to be driving right now, in terms of HONEY rewards per kilometer of driving? The answer: Japan.
Over the past four weeks, the top 6 highest earning regions in terms of HONEY/km (minimum of 500km submitted) were all in Japan, specifically in six prefectures surrounding central Tokyo. Rounding out the top 10 were two regions in South Korea, one in Malaysia, and one in France. 1. Gunma Prefecture, Japan
2. Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
3. Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 
4. Chiba Prefecture, Japan
5. Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
6. Saitama Prefecture, Japan
7. Johor Bahru, Malaysia
8. Jeollanam-do, South Korea
9. Seine-et-Marne, France
10. Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Timelapse of Tokyo coverage from Jan. 9 to April 4. 2023.
Under the smart contract governing HONEY rewards, the pot of rewards shared by contributors in each region depends in large part on its Region Progress score. This score measures how quickly the region is making progress toward full and sustainable map coverage. 
The rewards earned by each contributor depend on factors such as the “freshness” of their contributions. Roads that haven’t been mapped in at least 7 days generate the biggest rewards. 
What this means is that in Japan, South Korea and France, contributors are driving rapid gains in Region Progress and doing so by covering a variety of fresh roads. For example, Region Progress in Saitama Prefecture, north of central Tokyo, has risen to 33% over the past month, with 16 contributors having already covered more than 3,800 unique kilometers of road.
However, the most important reason these regions have jumped to the top of the list is that on March 17, the Hivemapper Foundation finalized a plan called MIP-2 that included targeted bounties for seven specific areas of the world: London, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo and the entire countries of Portugal, South Korea and the Netherlands.
All rewards earned in these areas get a 2x match funded by the Hivemapper Foundation, bringing the total rewards to 3x what they would be without the bounty program. 10 million HONEY are available as a bounty in each area.
The purpose is to incentivize full network coverage in countries such as South Korea, which has active contributors in every province and three of the ten most advanced regions of the entire world in terms of Region Progress.
Timelapse of South Korea coverage from Dec. 22 to April 4. 2023.
As part of the MIP-2 plan, contributors are also eligible for a 1,000 HONEY airdrop for activating a device in one of the bounty regions. They are eligible whether they purchase a dashcam directly from Hivemapper or from one of Hivemapper’s authorized distributors.
Customers in the bounty regions in Europe and Asia are encouraged to buy a dashcam from one of these authorized regional distributors for the quickest delivery, so they can start mapping and earning bounty rewards as soon as possible. This includes SONoC, which ships across Asia from its warehouse in Hong Kong, and both Hexaspot and Daily Miners, which ship from the Netherlands to customers across the European Union.
In terms of total HONEY, large regions in the United States continue to lead the way, with Los Angeles contributors earning more than 884,000 HONEY over the past four weeks.
Top 10, Total HONEY Rewards:
  1. Los Angeles, USA
  2. New York, USA
  3. Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  4. Chicago, USA
  5. Dallas, USA
  6. Washington DC, USA
  7. Philadelphia, USA
  8. Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  9. San Francisco, USA
  10. Houston, USA
For more information about how HONEY rewards are calculated, visit Hivemapper Docs.
To see Region Progress scores, visit the Hivemapper Explorer. For data on weekly HONEY token minting, please visit this dashboard on Dune, which uses public on-chain transaction data to show weekly trends in contributors and reward transactions.

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