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Hivemapper’s Got Talent: Community Designed Bike Mount Solutions

On March 7, we challenged community members to develop a mounting solution that contributors could use on a motorcycle or bicycle. The guidelines were simple: create a mounting solution for the Hivemapper Dashcam that you can install on a motorcycle or bicycle. One that's practical, balancing utility and creativity. Ultimately, the Hivemapper Dashcam has to be able to collect high-quality street-level imagery when mounted on a motorcycle or bicycle. 
The Hivemapper community impressed us with their creative ideas for how to mount the Hivemapper Dashcam on a motorcycle or bicycle. What would it look like if the Hivemapper Dashcam was accessible to other vehicles, modes of transportation, and thus more people worldwide? Only some people have or drive a car. In specific regions across Europe, Asia, and Africa, commuting on a motorcycle or bicycle can be more accessible or preferred. What if mapping with a Hivemapper Dashcam wasn't exclusive to cars? 
Today, we're highlighting some of the bike mount solutions built by the Hive for the Hive and showcased at the live event. Do try this at home 😉

The "Easy Peezy" 3D Cage by Geek of All Trades

Alex created a 3D-printed cage made from PLA rigid filament. He lined the inside corners with TPU filament (a flexible material) to dampen against the vibrations of a motorcycle. He then sank a quarter-inch nut to mount it on the bike. The cage has a 1/4 screw insert in the bottom to mount to a simple bar clamp on the bike and plugs into a custom 12v plug adapter hooked up to the bike's ignition source. 

Motorcycle Mappers by Japhet Saminiano

Since the early days of Hivemapper, Japhet has been an Alpha tester of the Hivemapper Dashcam. So seeing him apply his experience testing the Hivemapper Dashcam to his bike mount solution was exciting. First, he used a 12v socket as a power output. Then he used a cigarette charger with a socket and USB. Afterward, he used a trusted double adhesive tape to install the Hivemapper Dashcam firmly onto the motorcycle. 
"The nice thing about Japhet's mount is that it's center and relatively secure. Of course, there's potential motion blur around turns –– but overall, it's simple and easy to construct," said Nathaniel Fischer, VP of Engineering at Hivemapper.
"I've never seen something mounted in the front of a bike like that –– it's cool, very creative," said Mining Chamber. 
Hear more from what the judges thought about Japhet's mounting solution in the live stream, and let us know what you think in the comments section. 

Multipurpose Mount by Myrone Bagalay

Myrone created a simple multipurpose mount that costs under $130 to produce eight units. He utilized a standard USB connection for power. He could adjust his mount solution from a car, bike, or other vehicle. It's a flat stock aluminum mount with a go pro standardized base, more go pro adapters, and a cable that converts power from 5 to 12 bolts. You can learn more about its composition in the video here.
"I went with a go pro mount because I like to use the camera whenever I travel via vehicle, bike, or e-motorcycle … it's on right now; I drove it to work." Myrone did this out of convenience "You can put it on anything that has a go-pro mount."

3D Printed Camera Mount by Sam Strecker 

Sam's solution consists of a 3D-printed camera mount that attaches to the handlebars with two tool-less thumbscrews. The mounting solution has an oil dampener inside, which you connect the camera to,  providing vibrational absorption and ample impact compensation –– "typical of what a bike faces on the road or paths," he noted. He used a 12v USB converter connected to a 20000mah Anker battery pack on his frame to power the camera.

Scooter Mount by BSQ (Harley) 

Harley started with v1, which is just a standard setup but is looking at using some stabilizer and also putting it on the part of the scooter that does not tilt when you turn to get smooth mapping imagery. Next, he tested a way to map some bike paths, uploading a video of when he and his son mapped using the mount.

A bike mount for streets in France

Sylvain customized a bag for the front of his bike. He included a power bank of 1000mah in the second pocket of the pack with a 5v to USB adapter. The goal of his mount is "to make it easy to map French cities with narrow roads and pedestrian-friendly streets." The bike mount also proved to be very resistant. "I fell yesterday, damaged my bike, but the dashcam was working the whole time," he said. 
"I like the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of it. You could even run with a shirt or some other clothes," said JT Sebastien, Product Designer and Cartographer at Hivemapper. To add to that –– Mining Chamber described how this mount especially makes sense for a bicycle. Stefan Martin, Engineer at Hivemapper, said he admired that it's budget-friendly and has what we at Hivemapper call the "stealth factor."

The Jason 

The Jason" could counter-rotate on a bike and has vibration damping. Materials include a clamp phone mount, 15 lbs double side tape to hold the camera together, long bolts, and washers for counterweight (alternatively, you can use a socket). The developer has a battery pack, but his motorcycle has 12v power. A great strength of "The Jason" mount is that it's cost-effective and quick, and easy to assemble, taking no longer than 10 minutes.

Truck's Trike Mapper

Truck showed us how to map with three wheels! His solution was to use an adult tricycle, which is steadier than a bicycle or motorcycle. His adult tricycle had a basket in front equipped with a cloth bag. He put a form-fitting piece of 6-inch-thick dense foam rubber inside the bag, with parts removed to receive two dashcams, a power source, and two cell phones. 
As a result, his solution did not require using any mechanical mounting devices.

Andre’s Steady Solution

This 3d-printed solution went through a lot of different versions. He prioritized a quick mounting solution where his camera sits on dampeners to reduce vibration. The power source he used is water-resistant. It provides12V, 7000mah and 5V USB for phone charging. The mount sits on a handlebar-extension for easy installation and flexibility.


That's all, folks! Thanks to everyone who participated and supported us from the sidelines. Congratulations to our winners.

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